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Our e-Learning Strategy

Traditional training methods have become outdated. They fail to yield the desired learning outcomes.

At our e-learning agency, we recognize the need for a paradigm shift in approaching education by;

  • Tailored Learning Strategies
  • Engaging Designs
  • Visual Interactivity
  • Content Revamping

Experience a transformative approach that not only meets but exceeds your educational expectations.

Teach & Train like a pro with us.

4C Advantage Prolancit


Prolancit matches your work needs with professionals who have the most suited skills to execute your work.


A chief coordinator is a single point of contact between you and your virtual team. It cannot get closer.


Prolancit brings professionals from around the world together at a virtual desk to execute your work as a team.


Prolancit can move in all directions, horizontally or vertically. The right skills connect to us from all over the world. No more compromises!

e2e Solutions


We prioritize cost-effective learning outcomes, optimizing resource use to eliminate unnecessary expenses. This approach minimizes development costs, enhances learning efficiency, and ensures affordability. We streamline operational expenses for our clients to benefit from affordable e-learning services.

Skill-Based Learning

We prioritize skill acquisition, focusing on delivering practical, job-relevant competencies that directly translate to success in the professional world. Our emphasis on skill-based learning is attractive to individuals seeking applicability in their careers. We make learning a practical choice!

Brief Examples

Health & Safety

The excellence protocol for ‘Over the Counter (OTC) medicines.

Our Employee Value Proposition

Managers’ education program for a top Indian corporate.

The Client Journey Transformation

A scenario-based engaging module on delirium.

New Channel Framework

Learning an application in a simulated environment.

Excel Basics

A visually engaging module on growth planning.

Information & Cyber Security

Teaching people leadership to managers of a top corporate organization.



Classroom Training



Audio Recording

LMS Integration


Our interactive learning formats

Scenario-based Learning

Real-life examples for contextual learning


Focused on a topic for quick transfer of learning to the job environment

Gamified Learning

Integrating numeric scores, scoring metaphors and timed activities with learning content to keep the learners motivated

Immersive Scenario

Real-life or imaginary environments for an immersive learning experience


Simulating an environment for learning by practice

Interactive Videos

Visually interactive content for easy retention

Mobile Learning

Using learning strategies to engage learners on a small screen

Story-based Learning

Taking immersive learning to the next level by weaving a story as it happens in the real world

Game-based Learning

Want To Learn About E-Learning and Training?

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Prolancit e-learning blog is a valuable resource for anybody who wants to learn the basics, and some in-depth knowledge, of e-learning.

And it is especially a valuable resource for business owners looking to train their employees. We cover manufacturing, ecommerce, IT...the list goes on. Check our elearning blog now!
Prolancit e-learning blog

Instructor-Led Training—ILT (Classroom Training) and Virtual Classroom Training—VILT

Classroom or instructor-led training is required in many learning situations, such as when demonstrations and discussions are necessary, hands-on practice is needed, or when the subject is new and complex. An Instructor-led training session can be set up in a physical location or online. We can develop ILT/VILT learning materials for all complexity levels. Examples of classroom training materials include the following:

  • Instructor’s Deck
  • Instructor’s Guide
  • Participants Guide
  • Job Aids
  • Worksheets
  • Notes


We offer the following graphics services:



Nature scene with muslim kids exploring in the forest illustration

Simple Animation

Sportsman retro cartoon set with flat doodle style character of professional wheelman riding the bicycle outdoors vector illustration

Motion Graphics

A person writing business plan on white board

White Board Animation

3D Animation

Photo Shoot

Translation and Localization

Translation and localization are crucial aspects of corporate learning for organizations operating from multiple geographies. Translations in other languages must retain the clarity achieved in the original English version after laborious inputs and reviews by various stakeholders. We understand the importance of clarity in learning material, so we employ only the best, tested, and tried in the translation industry. Localization has various aspects, including the following:

  • Language sensitivity: The tone of language suited to one cultural environment may not be proper for other cultures.

  • Audio: The human voice audio and audio used in the other forms must be adapted per the local needs and sensitivities.

  • Content: The learning content itself should be vetted for accuracy for region-to-region, as the facts and processes for one country may not be accurate for another country.

  • Graphics: The images used in one country may not be relevant in another country. Similarly, the graphs, charts, and other media elements might need updating.

  • Branding: The eLearning product may need to be re-branded according to the local branding guidelines.

  • LMS Integration: The Learning Management System (LMS) specifications may differ from country to country. The integration of the learning module with the LMS needs to be tested.

  • Internet Bandwidth: The Internet bandwidth varies from country to country, and accordingly, the files within a module may have to be re-integrated for easy access to learners.

Audio Recording

You have the freedom to choose voice talents from dozens of voice samples. We record in various languages with the required accents. Alternatively, you can use machine recording with the most sophisticated recording tools and plugins for voice modulations and pronunciation correctness.

LMS Integration and Support

Track performance. Meet Goals.

A Learning Management System (LMS) is an application to host and deliver the learning content, whether eLearning, classroom training, videos, or assessments. The LMS also tracks learners’ progress with the courses assigned to them. The tracking includes time spent on the training and completion of the training. The application can generate default and customized learning analytics reports to help you make informed decisions regarding learning content delivery.

Our Clients

We help our clients align with new-age learning designs and pivot to effective learning.

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